Thursday, August 4, 2011

Is it me or is it this world?

Every morning I rise from my slumber, trying not to think of yesterday
Hoping for a better today, a better tomorrow
I cry out to the heavens,Asking for forgiveness
And a little relief from my sorrow

I look to my side, there’s no one with me
I look above and the roof doesn’t seem to be of my home
So I ask this to the Almighty above..Is it me or is it the world??
Why do I feel like an ever gloomy gnome??

Of course, It is the world, It is cruel, it is callous, it is unfair
It has denied me my happiness
It has left me alone, In a place unknown,
It has drained me of my freshness
I try my best to make it right, but it hits me back
It hits me so hard that I fall
It hurts oh God, it hurts so bad,
It doesn’t even let me stand up tall.

But how can the world be biased towards me??
I ain’t the sole inhabitant, there are billions more that exist.
I see others happy, content and satisfied..How does that happen??
How come their paths don’t find an evil twist??

So I ask again, to the One above,Is it me or is it the world??
Why am I living in a cage?
Light dawns upon me, I can see clearly now
I see the face of the puppeteer on the stage

It is me, It was me, It was me all along,
I decide where my life is headed
No one else controls me, No one else can manipulate,
Only I decide, whether to fly or stay grounded

All I need to do is look inside,
Find a goal and go flat out
The world might throw tantrums,
I don’t care, coz in my mind I have no doubt

So next time when your heart falters and loses hope
And asks you, Is it me or is the world??
Shout out the answer, its ME! ME! ME!
And your joys will be unfurled.


  1. I thnk u shld seriously thnk abt shifting frm Patna................ the poem is awesome :) ....... bt the frustration is obvious :(

  2. Very nice. Now I see how Patna is helping u uncover ur hidden talent :)

  3. सच बोलूं तो अच्छा तो बहुत है........बस भविष्य में साइज़ थोडा कम रखो......तो बेहतर रहेगा.....

  4. Nice! never knew u too like writing! :D