Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Revenge - Part 2

It had been hard.. the past three months.. Rajat thought as he relived everything. He had taken a decision that would change his life but he was determined not to waver. A month after the life altering revelation he had started planning how to do it.

He dug all the history that he could find on the two brothers and the ACP. The two brothers were the sons of a popular but now retired politician, who himself had had allegations of corruption over him. These two were now trying to inherit his popularity to further their own political ambitions.

Many times over, he had the thought of just walking into the homes of all the three and shooting them in the head. But then he realised that he had a family too. He loved his wife and his daughter. What would they think? He needed to plan. He needed to come up with a method in which he had a chance to live a normal life..

He needed to get all three of them at the same place to do it. It would be tough now that their allegiance to each other had been severed. But as he was planning all this, two major doubts had started to pollute his mind..

Did the ACP deserve death? He had been a pawn, threatened by the political power of Bhairon and Beera, the two brothers. If he hadn’t obeyed them, he might have ended up the same way his father had. Rajat faced a conflict. On one side, he had deep anger for the ACP but on the other he understood the kind of pressure he might have been under. It was then that he had found a middle way, a way to make sure that he didn’t have the ACP’s blood on his hands..

But still, the other doubt was eating him inside. He had been brought up by his father to be an honest, hard working man who respected the rules, respected other human beings. He might be breathing after doing what he had decided to do, but will he actually be living a life? Will he be able to face his wife, look into the innocent eyes of his daughter and his mother? As this thought had struck him, he decided what he would have to do..

He will have to end it for himself too. He couldn’t live like this. He needed to be calm again. He needed to be serene again..

Rajat looked down at the bottle of injection that lay on the table. This was his ticket to ending it all. His family will hopefully understand. They will adapt with time.

He took a refreshing bath that night and had a good night sleep. He was satisfied with the day’s work, but more needed to be done tomorrow.The next day, he woke up with a slight fever. It must have been because of the rain last night, Rajat thought, frustrated that he couldn’t be able to carry out the next phase of his plan. He stayed at home, going through each part of his plan again. The next step was crucial. In a way it was good that he postponed it for a couple of days. It would be better if he did it once he was healthy again.

Two nights later, he came home at about 3 in the morning. The most crucial part of the plan had been done. He was ecstatic. What he had done today would make sure that he won’t be suspected for the murders. He opened the bag he was carrying and took out a flat wide plate. The plate was filled with clay. And in the middle of it was a large clear shoeprint.

About ten kilometres away from where Rajat sat, in a calm and peaceful locality, the ACP woke up at six in the morning. It was just another day for him. But he didn’t notice that the balcony door that he usually locked every night was a little ajar today. He also didn’t notice that his shoes were a little muddier than usual...

Rajat took out the gun from his pocket and kept it on the table. Looking at it, he recollected how much research he had done about it, how he had tried to get in touch with people who supply such things. It had been hard; he was unfamiliar with such people and their behaviours. He had even been beaten up once. But he had been very particular about the type of gun he wanted. In the end the dealer had to relent.

Next day he ordered a custom made shoes having the same footprint as the one on the clay. All the things he had purchased were done under different names, far away from the city. The shoes arrived three days later.

That evening, he sat down at his study and wrote two letters. First, he wrote to the two brothers, his father’s killers, carefully using gloves to avoid fingerprints and pasting newspaper cuttings to make up his words.

I know that you killed Vinay Gupta years ago, the car didn’t meet with an accident; you pushed it over the bridge. I have evidence against you. If you don’t want me to go to the police, bring 50 lacs in cash tomorrow to 304, Vilas Apartments near the clock tower on this coming Saturday at 10 pm. Give the money to my man there and you will live safely..

He went out and posted it into a mail box quite far away from his house. He then came back and started writing another note, this time with pen.

“How does it feel to get a taste of your own medicine.. “

He completed the letter and prepared to get some rest. It was Friday evening. Tomorrow his life will be altered forever. Not just his life, the lives of his family members too. He prayed to God, thanking him for a lovely family, a content life and bracing himself for tomorrow, went to sleep.

Saturday.. a normal day for perhaps everyone else, but for Rajat it wasn’t. Today was the day when three months of turbulence would come to an end, one way or the other. Either he would avenge his father’s death or he would die at the hands of his father’s killers. But he had steeled himself for the worst coz either way it wasn’t going to end well for him.

As the time approached, his nervousness grew. He took his bag, put on his new shoes and went out for a walk. The streets were muddy from the rain the previous night. He walked for few minutes and reached Vilas Apartments. He decided to take the stairs and climbed up to house number 304. As he slid the key into the lock, he silently apologized to his dear friend Satish.

The flat was empty. He turned on the light in the drawing room. And then the wait began..

He had almost 5 hours to wait there before the brothers came. It was then that he realised that he had almost forgotten a key part of the plan. He quickly opened his bag and pulled out a pair of his old shoes. He then stuffed his new pair into the bag. Thanking God in his mind for reminding him, he locked the door and went downstairs. He went to the bridge on the river, the same bridge which had withnessed his father’s death. He filled the bag with some big stones and then flung it into the river. Evidence deleted. He went back to the house and resumed his wait.

He never realized when he fell asleep. It was only when his wrist watch alarm went off at half past nine that he woke up with a start. Freaking out, he washed his face and got ready. He put on his gloves. He checked his gun once again, fitting a silencer on the mouth and loaded the syringe with the injection. He won’t have much time; he had to do everything very quickly.

At exactly ten o’clock he heard footsteps. His mind was going numb. Adrenaline was rushing through each and every cell in his body. He was trying desperately to hold it all together. “Stay calm,” he said to himself, “it’ll all be over soon.” 

And then the doorbell rang...
(to be concluded)

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